Thursday, July 31, 2008

Art Unscripted

Art Unscripted, hosted by the Queen of Craft, Carol Duvall, is sure to get your creative juices flowing! In this 160+ minute DVD you will be introduced to seven talented artists who will bring inspiration to each segment of this show and then, for the grand finale, you will see how each artist used each of their own crafted pieces to create a unique piece of finished art.

Page Sage continually offers high quality instructional DVD’s to craft artist consumers and this DVD tops them all in my opinion. Each of the seven guests artists were invited to a retreat hosted by Carol Duvall. Each instructor taught a class while the other six participated as students in the class. Each student/teacher was allowed to use their creativity when creating their projects, hence, Art Unscripted.

The DVD starts out by introducing Michael Jacobs who is best known for his Paper Sculptures. In this first segment Michael creates a clever house frame and drawer out of foam core. He also teaches some very creative painting techniques using molding paste and acrylic paint.

Next up was Judi Wantanabe with her Stamped Charms. If you will watch the Bloopers you wonder how Carol ever got Judi’s last name pronounced correctly for the introduction on this DVD! Judi showed us how to create a stunning bookmark and charm made from shrink plastic.

Now on to Judy Belcher – the Polymer Clay Expert. Judy demonstrated the Skinner Blend, without the use of a pasta machine. I enjoyed seeing this alternate version of the Skinner Blend. She then created the most decorative knobs or feet using the Skinner Blend technique and canes.

Magadalena Muldoon brought a new technique to the Art Unscripted retreat – Metal Embossing. I was completely fascinated with this technique as I am sure everyone else was. Magdalena’s teaching style was very easy to follow and made you feel like this was something you could easily accomplish as well.

Carving Stamps is fairly new to me although I have had the opportunity to work in this medium a time or two during my crafting career. Sarah Hodsdon shared many helpful techniques on proper stamp carving and wowed me with her detailed art stamp with all of the participating artist’s names etched in detail onto one stamp.

MaryJo MacGraw is a well-known mixed media artist who will teach you how to make the most unique ATC Cards & Book. During the demonstration on how to create this book MaryJo demonstrates some terrific tips including how to mask using MicroGlaze; proper use of a Scor-it board; and how to cover a chipboard cover.

Last, but definitely not least, was Karen Elaine Thomas and her Blizzard Book. With just a few creative folds, Karen made a book that would hold ATC’s and she did it all without any stitching or binding! Karen also mentioned that this book could be made to hold any size card by varying the dimensions. Now that is a cool project!

While I was amazed with each project that was taught I was completely surprised to see how each artist took the individual classes to create one unique piece of art. Each artist used the Foam Core Sculpture that Michael Jacobs taught in the first class as the base for their other art pieces. In the end each sculpture was unique and reflected the styles of each of the artists.

As I began to work on my first project I was inspired by Michael Jacobs and MaryJo McGraw’s painting styles. Michael demonstrated how to create texture on his foam core sculpture using a light molding paste and acrylic paint while MaryJo created a soft look to her sculpture by using a white washing technique. This led me to the first step in my first project. Since Michael worked with black foam core and I would be working with an unfinished wood piece I started out by painting my project black. Once the paint was dry I applied Matte Gel Medium for texture and then white washed the project after the Gel Medium had dried. Using Judy Blecher’s Skinner Blend technique, I made photo corners and small circles from canes to add a look of vintage embellishments to my project. While working with the clay, I continually picked up my blade by the wrong end so I decided to remedy the problem and added some slices from the canes to my blade to form a handle and hopefully it will save my fingers from the sharp edge of the blade in the future.


Judi Wantanabe’s shrink charms inspired me to create images from the ink jet shrink plastic that I recently purchased. The tips on how to create the perfect size piece of shrink art along with using the wire mesh over the top of the project proved to be invaluable while creating these small pieces of art. Once the charms were shrunk to the proper size, I strung them onto the end of a string of beads and attached to the project with eye hooks. Three vintage photos were placed into each frame and I covered them with UTEE to add to the vintage look. My project was complete!
Title: Vintage Frame
Products used: Clay (Primo)
How Do You Glue Frame (Glue Art & Paper Studio)
Matte Gel Medium (Liquitex)
Paint (Apple Barrel)
Clip Art (Artful Illusions)
UTEE (Ranger)
Digi Shrink Film (Design Originals)
Beads (So Charming)
Ribbon (Misc)

The idea of being able to create my own custom stamps has always fascinated me and once I watched Sarah Hodsdon demonstrate this technique I wanted to give it another try. This time I decided to go with a western theme. I recently re-discovered my tools and patterns from my leather crafting days when I was going through some things that have been in storage. Since the leather patterns that I have are copyright free, I knew I could find a pattern that would easily work as a stamp. It didn’t take long before I had a suitable pattern picked out and I was well on my way to carving my stamp. With the tips that Sarah shared I was able to carve this stamp in a short amount of time with great results!

Stamp Stamp-Card 
Title: Western Flower Card
Products used: Cardstock (Prism Prismatics)
Mastercarve Artist Carving Blocks & Carving Tools (Staedtler)
Embossing Powders (PK Glitz)
Ink (Ranger)
Quickie Glue Pen
Paper Ribbon
Matte Kote paper
Adhesive (Adhesive Tech, Permanent Bond Glue Runner)

This Art Unscripted DVD hosted by Carol Duvall contains over 150 photographs and you can easily jump to any technique that inspires you with just the click of a button. You will also find tips from each project; Project Resource Guides; and, of course, Bloopers. In the Gallery you will get to see each finished project and the ability to see how each artist took the techniques taught in the classes and made them their own. And, if all of this wasn’t enough, PageSage created the quad-fold cover for this DVD using 100% recycled plastic for the tray and the cover was printed on 100% recycled cardstock using soy-based inks. They think of everything, don’t they?

PageSage has developed a winner when they produced this first artist retreat called Art Unscripted, hosted by Carol Duvall. You will want to make sure you get a copy of this DVD for your personal library and I am looking forward to seeing this become an annual event!

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