Thursday, July 17, 2008

Tinkering Ink Yorkies

Everywhere you look these days you can find acrylic albums in various shapes, sizes, and styles, but Tinkering Ink has put a whole new twist on the acrylic craze by combining the look of traditional chipboard albums with acrylic. But wait – that’s not all! They have also added cut out geometric shapes from the chipboard to create this visually interesting album known as the Tinkering Ink Peek-a-boo Album!

This 8 x 8-inch Peek-a-boo album contains 4 chipboard pages along with 3 acrylic pages to make up a mini album. Three of the four chipboard pages have geometric shapes cut from the pages – an arrow, rectangle, and hexagon. The three acrylic pages each come with a decorative tab on the end – 2 of the pages have a circle tab and 1 page has a rectangle tab. The book is designed so that it can open horizontally or vertically depending on the style of book that you want. Two binder rings are also included to hinge your book, but with a little creativity I am sure you could come up with a variety of ways to bind this unique book.

As I thought about the theme for this book I decided that it would be best to first paint all of the chipboard pages black. Once the pages were painted I then removed the protective film from the acrylic pages and began to design my layout for the book. Because of the cut out shapes you need to be aware of proper placement of embellishments and photographs since these will not only be seen through the acrylic but also through the cut out windows in the chipboard.

I used the chipboard page with the arrow as my title page but I knew I did not want the window to be open so therefore I backed the opening with my title prior to completing my title page. Once my cover was complete it was time to move on to the rest of the album.

With the 8 x 8-inch Peek-a-boo album I also received a package of Green Alphabet Transfers. The 5 x 8-inch sheet contains both upper and lower case along with a large set of numbers; some punctuation marks; and an extra set of vowels. Because of the limited amount of letters, I needed to choose my words carefully. With this in mind I wrote out some words and letters that I might choose to use in my book. I started off by using an upper case “M” and “C” from the Green Alphabet Transfer sheet and included it in my title page journaling. The letters easily transferred from the sheet to the Prism cardstock.

By cutting out a large flower from the Tinkering Ink Wild Woodland paper and layering it over the rectangle cut out on the third page (chipboard), it also gave me a frame for the picture I would use on the first acrylic page. I also added the word “Precious” around the flower using the Green Alphabet Transfers. When you flip the page, the title page then transfers into a background for my second acrylic page. And did you notice, the large flower that once was the frame for my first picture is now a frame for my fifth page, which is my second acrylic page? The word “Precious” still remains and is very appropriate for not only the previous picture but also these precious little puppies. Sounds confusing but it’s really very simple once you get going.

As you can see, the backgrounds and foregrounds change roles as you move throughout the book making this an extremely fun book to look at time and time again.

Once the book was completed I went back and added some embellishments and ribbon to the tabs of the acrylic pages. The ribbon could be seen from both sides which made it easy to add only a few pieces and it did not create a lot of bulk to the book. As a final touch I added some Stickles glitter glue to the papers and embellishments and my book was complete!

Title: My Yorkies
  • Products used: Cardstock (Prism Prismatics) 
  • Patterned Paper (Tinkering Ink) 
  • Rub-on’s (Tinkering Ink) 
  • Green Alphabet Transfers (Tinkering Ink) 
  • Die Cuts (Tinkering Ink) 
  • Glitter Flowers (Making Memories) 
  • Glitter Stickers (Tinkering Ink) 
  • Bling (Best Occasion) 
  • Stickles Glitter Glue (Ranger) 
  • Felt Embellishments (Tinkering Ink Finery) 
  • Paint (Apple Barrell)

I have had some experience working with the Tinkering Ink Peek-a-boo albums and I find them easy to complete in just a few hours. These books do take some forethought but once you have the general theme and concept they are a breeze to complete.

Thank you Tinkering Ink for creating such a fun and interactive album that I am sure will be treasured for years to come!

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