Thursday, September 18, 2008

Beau Jardin

The complete collection of the Tinkering Ink Beau Jardin collection will be sure to inspire you whether you are creating a layout, a card, or gift item. The beautiful bold patterns coupled with smaller versions of the same or similar patterns, makes it easy to create projects you will cherish for years to come.

The Beau Jardin collection is a beautiful mix of flowers, butterflies, graphic designs & shapes, stripes, and even a few flies! You will also see a bold mix of yellow, green, blue, orange, maroon, white, and black which make some very eye catching combinations. Another very interesting item to note is the “Jardin” design; on this paper you will find a portion of almost every design in this collection.

The Beau Jardin collection consists of:

  • 12 double sided papers
  • One sheet custom die-cut tab and tags
  • One sheet alphabets
  • One sheet of coordinating rip strips (adhesive backed cotton)
  • One package of rub-on transfers

I will have to admit that once I finished admiring the beautiful designs in this collection I was drawn to the new Rip Strips. At first glace this appears to be one solid 6.5 x 12 inch sheet of adhesive backed fabric but if you look closer, you will see that this is not so.

The Rip Strips are notched every so often so that you can smoothly “rip” the design from the rest of the sheet. By ripping a strip from the sheet you are left with a slightly worn edge while still maintaining a straight edge.

Precut-Notch Torn-Edge 

Since the Rip Strips are adhesive backed I was concerned that once they were placed on my project that it would be difficult to make any adjustments. I found this to be far from the truth. While the adhesive on the back of the cotton strips is permanent, it can easily be removed to make adjustments.

I chose to use the reverse side of Jardin paper to frame the Meadow paper background. I also used the Raindrop paper as a large mat for my photo and added three cloth strips from the Rip Strip sheet to my layout. Instead of ripping the orange strip from the sheet I used a pair of pinking sheers to cut the strip to add a decorative edge to the strip. I used 2 of the die cuts for my journaling block and added a flower rub-on to the top left corner of the photo. The rub on not only adhered nicely to the paper but also went on very easily over the top of the photo and the Rip Strip. A couple of flies are also included on the rub-on sheet, and considering my subject, I thought they would be very fitting to include on this layout. I used the alphabet letters for the main part of my title and my layout was complete.

Title: Hey Wilbur! Is that Water Wet?
Products used: Cardstock (Prism Prismatics)
Patterned Paper (Tinkering Ink Beau Jardin collection)
Rub-ons (Tinkering Ink Beau Jardin)
Die Cuts (Tinkering Ink Beau Jardin)
Alphabet Letters (Tinkering Ink Beau Jardin)
Rip Strip (Tinkering Ink Beau Jardin)
Black Pen (Micron)
White Pen (Inksenssials)
Adhesive (Adhesive Tech, Permanent Bond Glue Runner)

I am always looking for creative ways to give inexpensive gifts and when I ran across this idea, I knew that I wanted to use the Beau Jardin collection to create this cute little gift giving idea.

I used the Gate paper as the pouch for my candy holder and the butterfly strip from the die cuts sheet as the band around the pouch. For an embellishment, I cut a medium sized butterfly from Papillon and added some glitter to the wings and body along with bending the paper to give it a more realistic feel. The candy holder was so pretty that I needed to add a little something to candy bar itself so I made a band from some of the extra Papillon paper and mounted it on coordinating cardstock.

Candy-Holder Candy-Holder-Open

Title: Candy Holder
Products used: Cardstock (Prism)
Patterned Paper (Tinkering Ink Beau Jardin Collection)
Die Cut (Tinkering Ink Beau Jardin)
Border Punch (Martha Stewart, Doily Lace)
Bind-it All (Zutter)
Adhesive (Adhesive Tech, Permanent Bond Glue Runner)

With so many wonderful patterns to choose from it was hard to decide what I would use for the background of my card. The decision finally came down to either A Stones Throw or Fountain. Since I had already decided I wanted to use the big flower circle I felt that the smaller version of Fountain would be the best choice. I then used a narrow Rip Strip piece and pleated it as I placed it across the bottom of the card – no additional adhesive was need – that’s cool!

Title: Flower Card
Products used: Cardstock (Prism Prismatics)
Patterned Paper (Tinkering Ink Beau Jardin collection)
Die Cut (Tinkering Ink Beau Jardin)
Rip Strip Tinkering Ink Beau Jardin)
Embossing Folder (Cuttlebug)
Rhinestone Brads (Karen Foster)
Adhesive (Adhesive Tech, Permanent Bond Glue Runner)

I loved the bright bold colors mixed with a few darker shades found in the Tinkering Ink Beau Jardin collection. With the variety and patterns and the color palette this collection becomes very versatile and easy to use. The new Rip Strips are an added bonus providing texture to whatever project you are working on. I have to say that the new Rip Strips are very easy to work with and will adhere to almost any shape or texture.

As can be expected – Tinkering Ink has provided another outstanding product when they introduced the Rip Strips with the Beau Jardin collection!

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