Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Windy Wednesday

As the storm makes its way through the Oklahoma and Arkansas it is causing plenty of wind and and some very irritating rain. The rain today is that fine mist that just makes everything feel wet and as the wind changes directions so does the rain so you never quite know if it is coming from the north or the south.
Last night as the storm clouds were moving through I saw the "perfect" picture and I captured it!!! I was so excited and when I downloaded it to my computer it was beautiful and then the worst thing happened - I lost the picture!! It was gone - my beautiful picture was gone! I tried to retrieve it but it could not be found. I guess it blew away with the wind. It was just before dark and the clouds resembled mountains just above the tops of the cedars. The sky had a golden hue to it - oh - it was so pretty. After my complete dissapointment, I tried to get another beautiful shot of the sky but my settings were all wrong and so this is the best I got

It is grainy and less than desirable but none the less - this is my picture for the day (or night).

Have a great Wednesday!

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