Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Paint in a Pen

Since 1973, Marvy Uchida has been providing the business and art world with a wide range of quality office, craft, and art-related materials. The new DecoColor Acrylic Paint pens are just one of many of these quality products they have added to their product line.

Each DecoColor Acrylic Paint pen is packaged with a shrink wrap seal and a coordinating color cap so you can easily identify which pen you wish to use. Before you use the pen for the first time you need to prime it by pressing down on the nib a couple of times to help the paint begin to flow. Once the paint is flowing smoothly through the nib you are ready to start on your project. These pens also come with a 3-way chisel tip that allows you to create either thick or thin lines.

Before beginning my project I decided to do some research about the DecoColor Acrylic Paint pens. I found these helpful tips about the DecoColor Acrylic Paint pens on the Marvy website:

  • Acid free/Non-toxic
  • Pigmented
  • Permanent when dry
  • Opaque water based acrylic paint
  • Keep tightly capped when not in use
  • Store markers horizontally
  • Shake well before each use
  • Easy clean up when wet
  • Clean nib when finished
  • Avoid storing in extreme temperatures. Store between 60° and 85° F

I have recently been working with a group of children 3 to 5 years of age teaching them various craft projects and since the pens are lead free and odorless, I thought they would enjoy using the DecoColor Acrylic Paint pens by Marvy Uchida. I designed this little ornament project for them to make and we used the yellow pen on the edge of the clear plastic circle that we inserted into the ornament. The pen was very manageable for the little hands to work with and they were able to complete their project with only minimal adult help. I also noticed that the acrylic paint dried quickly which was a big plus when working with young children.

Tammy_Marvy1 Tammy_Marvy2
Title: Fall Ornaments
Products used: Glass Ornaments (D&S Designs)
DecoColor Acrylic Paint (Marvy Uchida)
John Deere Sticker (Creative Imagination)
Fall Stickers (misc.)
Transparency Sheet (misc)

The yellow, blue, and green DecoColor Acrylic Paint pens that I received were very bright primary colors but for this next project I wanted colors that were a little more subtle. On a piece of coated scratch paper I pressed the nib of the pen until a small puddle of color was left on my paper. With a water brush I began mixing some of the colors to get varying shades and provide me with a little bit broader color palette. The blue and the yellow gave me a darker shade of green and the blue and the green gave me a beautiful turquoise color. By using the water brush I was also able to achieve softer colors but if I wanted to blend colors I needed to move quickly because this is a fast drying paint. I used this water brush method to color a portion of scrapbook paper for my project and I was thrilled with the end results!


Title: Acrylic Desk Set
Products used: Patterned Paper (Luxe, Color Me Happy)
DecoColor Acrylic Paint Pen (Marvy Uchida)
Acrylic Frame (Dollar General)
White Pen (Ranger)

The DecoColor Acrylic Paint pens eliminate the need for large paint bottles, brushes, and trays. They also work on so many different surfaces such as stone, terra cotta, concrete, paper and wood making this a versatile product to work with.

If you are looking for a product that you can take to crops or craft get-togethers that are fast drying, portable, and do not take up much more space than your regular pens, then the DecoColor Acrylic Paint pens are what you are looking for!

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