Wednesday, October 22, 2008

A Talented Lady!

Since my first introduction to MercArt USA back in August 2008 I have been completely hooked! I cannot describe to you how relaxing this art can be and the best thing - it can add a new dimension to your scrapbook pages; cards; and altered arts.

Now that I have been bitten by the "metal embossing bug" I have found that my starter set of tools are not enough - but isn't that the way it is with any craft?? I remember when I first started scrapbooking, my entire stash would fit inside of a small bag. My how times have changed because now I have an entire room devoted to my scrapbooking. LOL

Back to my story - the other day I had the priviledge of meeting Magdalena Muldoon, owner of MercArt USA . I have to say that she is one talented lady when it comes to metal embossing, but more than that - she can teach! She is extremely patient and the way that she shows you how to use the tools, well, it just makes you think that you can accomplish just about anything when it comes to embossing on metal. In fact, while I was there, we got to talking about a children's card class that I would be teaching next month and she showed me a really neat technique that would allow the children to work with metal without being frustrated. All you need is a stencil, paper stump, and a teflon tool to create a quick and easy embossed image.

Here is a sneek peek of one of the metal embossed cards the children will be completing in their class:

Even though Magdalena had been hard at work all day teaching classes plus talking with me about her products, she graciously posed for a picture with me.
Thank you Magdalena, for a wonderful afternoon! I can't wait until we can get a group together in the spring to come take one of your wonderful classes!

You can find out about Magdalena's newest instructional DVD at PageSage to be released late 2008. You can also check out her website at MercArt USA.
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