Sunday, November 2, 2008

Smokey Night

Last night I was having a great time chatting in the chatroom with some gals over at ScrapFriends. We had just finished a game of "Bingo" and laughing about other types of Bingo that has been played using "chips" but NOT Bingo chips. Anyway - we heard a bunch of honking coming up our drive and I knew exactly which neighbor it was because they honk all the way up and he drives crazy. I went to the door and he announced that the huge wheat bales around the corner were on fire. So we went to check it out.
These wheat bales are not your normal bale of hay. They are so big you have to have a tractor to lift them. We are guessing they weigh anywhere from 1,000 - 2,000 pounds each. The wheat had been sitting in this field since June and they use it at a nearby plant to make boards or something. all totalled their was about 8 stacks of these wheat bales and probably somewhere around 40 bales total. Of course, all of this wheat was baled when diesel was soaring sky high so I am sure this farmer had a lot invested in these bales. I am sure someone either set them on fire on purpose or was driving by and threw out a cigarette. Either way - it was senseless and I felt so sorry for the owner of that wheat because all the firemen could do was just watch it burn.
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