Friday, November 14, 2008

What Did I Do All Morning??

Sometimes I find myself asking the same question but today I know what I did all morning! Let's see - first of all I know I got up late (around 7:30 a.m.), then I helped Justin bottle his milk - 2 1/2 gallons - and then washed the pails. We got out the jars of cream because I have been long overdue in making butter. After that Justin and Mickey decided to get the tractor and work on hauling rock to the calf and pig pens. While they were outside working, I decided an area in my craft room needed to be cleaned. Once I had that task all finished, the cream was ready to make butter.

I made 12 pounds all by myself!

Remember my poor tomato plants that got too cold? Well - they are STILL producing! I couldn't believe how many tomatoes are still on those two vines. I am only getting cherry tomatoes so I am wondering if the regular tomato plant is dead?

Don't they look pitiful?

Once I picked all of the ripe tomatoes off of the plants (or should I say plant since I only picked the cherry variety?) I brought them in the house to wash them off.

I am estimating that I have about 5 - 6 pounds of cherry tomatoes here!

Now the beautiful sunshine morning has turned dreary. The warm south wind that greeting me this morning has left and clouds are being brought in by a north wind. Maybe I should really consider pulling those tomato plants out of the ground and making Mock Raspberry Jelly out of them tomorrow. I really don't know how much longer they could last, do you?

All of this was accomplished prior to noon - I wonder what is for lunch? Hmmmm....
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