Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Another Year

It seems that another year has come and gone (or almost at least). Time flies by so quickly these days and I have found myself reflecting on what has happened over this past year - 2008.

I met some wonderful scrapbooking friends; I travelled to CA to visit my aunt and a friend; I went to my first weekend crop in AR (and met even more new friends); Justin got his first job (it's volunteer, but still a job); He also got his driver's permit (that's been a little scary lol); I was selected to be on an awesome Review Team at ScrapFriends; but most importantly, we still have each other and we are holding on to that Blessed Hope that one day we will all be together for eternity without sorrow or tears.

All of this brings me to this: For the past two years I have picked a word and created an altered item around that word. The idea was gathered from Ali Edwards who started the "One Little Word" concept some years ago. In 2007 my word was "Simple" and that year seemed to be anything but simple! LOL Last year I chose the word "Calm" and you can see what kind of a mess we are living in today. I have to admit that I have tried to remain 'calm' through this trying year. We have not gone without food, shelter, or clothing. We may not have been able to buy the best, but God has provided for us through this past year and I am so ever grateful and humbled by these blessings.

2008 - CALM

This is the frame that I altered to create my "One Little Word".

Notice the desk and the picture with the word "Calm" in the midst? LOL I think this should be titled "Calm in the midst of the storm", don' t you? LOL

With only a little over 12 hours left in this year, I am trying to pinpoint my "One Little Word" for 2009. I have been thinking about "Thoughtful", "Compassion", "Grateful", amongst a few.
Thank you for visiting my blog this past year and I will see you in 2009!!! Right now I think I should focus my attention on cleaning up my desk.......
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