Monday, December 1, 2008

Such Pigs at Thanksgiving!

Are they frying up bacon at the house???
And from my title, you probably thought I was talking about us! LOL We did eat way too much - as usual - but we were very thankful for bountiful blessing that we had.
Thanksgiving was a beautiful day and we spent part of the day in our new little hideout that Mickey and Justin made. I can't wait to see this place in summer - it will be like a fortress I am sure. Even with all of the leaves falling off of the branches, it is still very beautiful - and secluded.

Mickey, Justin, Chip, and Cookie are walking back to our little picnic area.

This is our little picnic area. Can you see Midge and Cooper in thier little pen under the tree? We all just love it back here.

No outing would be complete without a few modern conveniences (notice the cell phone in hand?)

And of course we couldn't do without the DVD player. Do you think that was going a little too far???

We are still seeing some beautiful color in the foliage and so we took some time to enjoy it while we still can.
I hope everyone had a blessed Thanksgiving!
And now - back to "Piggie Tale's".........

"Excuse me, don't I know you?"

Stella is the "Leader of the Pack"

Stella, with her assistant, making sure no one is getting out of control in the pig pen.

I hope you enjoyed the pictures and we will return to our regularly scheduled scrapbook blog in just a few days.

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