Thursday, January 15, 2009

1:00 AM Fire Drill

Yes - you read the title to this post correctly - 1:00 AM. That is not PM - like in the afternoon, but AM - like in the middle of the night! For some unknown reason one of the smoke detectors decided to go off which tripped the rest of the detectors in the house. I awoke out of a deep sleep, not to fear of a fire, but more of, "what is going on and why???" LOL Justin continued to sleep even though every alarm in the house was going off - teenagers! I don't ever remember thinking that their might really be a fire. I think somehow I can sense when their is truly danger, and when someone or something is just trying to annoy me!

Justin is finally awake, but we can't figure out how to turn the silly things off. We can't even find the breaker for them!!! We decided that we would take this opportunity to read the owner's manual that came with the house. I couldn't really think of anything I would rather be doing than reading an owner's manual at 1:00AM. The manual had electrical wiring drawings, along with all sorts of other drawings, but nothing about these smoke alarms! I kept digging through the file cabinet drawer and FINALLY, I found a little folded up paper with a smoke alarm drawing on the front! YES! We figured out how to turn them off and believe me, this was no ordinary, just push a button type thing, you have to find which one set off the rest of the alarms! C'mon - it is 1:30 in the morning.....

Finally, back in bed and back to sleep..... a little after 2:00 a.m. and they go off again!!! We know how to do this now, so it is only a matter of a minute before that horrible piercing sound is stopped.

By the way - did I mention that I went to bed with a horrible headache and it had not gone away?????

It goes off again, and I haven't got a clue as to what time it is now. We get out the vaccuum cleaner and try to take it apart and clean it really well. Aaaahhhh - that should do it. Are you kidding me???? Not in this house!! Of course, this time it gives us a little time to sleep before blowing it's alarm. Mickey finally figures out how to disable the thing and take it out of the ceiling and he lays it on the kitchen counter but this thing refuses to die. It is like a bad monster movie and yes, it goes off again, but this time, it is not the entire house. By now, the sun is beginning to rise and Mickey has also removed the battery and it has laid silently on the counter ever since.

After you have an eventful night like this, what do you do? Take a picture of the sunrise of course!

Manual 1/500 14F ISO800, Handheld

The moral of my story? Check your smoke detectors to make sure they are in working order and at the very least, know how to turn them off!
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