Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Inspirational Sneeks

Here are a couple of sneek peeks of a project I have been working on.

I read today where a very talened lady was asked to leave a design team because her "art was not up to their standards". Who chooses "the standard" anyway? Personally, I think they just used a poor choice of words and it should have been something more along the lines of "her art didn't reflect the style they want to portray" (at least somethng a little more nice). What does my little story have to do with my "Inpirational Sneeks"?
It got me thinking about how I view the art that surrounds me. If I take the time, I can usually find little glimpses of inspiration even in the most "far out" (my opinion) piece of art. If I look long enough, I can become inspired, not by a particular style, but possibly by a color, or a pattern, or maybe it is a different use of product. Inspiration for art can be found all around if I just take time out and be still long enough to see it.
I have given you some 'glimpses' of my art that I have been working on, maybe you can gather some inspiration in a design, color, pattern, or whatever, because once you see the finished product you may not like it at all. You would have ignored it completely and missed these few little glimpses of inspiration.
What has inspired you today?
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