Friday, February 6, 2009

Calf Scramble at the FW Stockshow

Justin has been waiting since he was 11 years old to participate in a calf scramble. He really didn't care where it would be, he just wanted to do it! Some opportunities slipped by due to cancellations and whatnot but his big day finally arrived last night and he would participate in none other than the Ft. Worth Stockshow Rodeo! It was like a family tradition has been revived. You see, my mother showed horses in the Pleasure Class at the Ft. Worth Stockshow and I can remember her talking about what a wonderful experience it was - nothing compared to Ft. Worth.

The barns and arena have moved since those days when my mother showed, but somehow I felt that she was really proud of Justin last night and now he has happy memories to cherish. Unfortunately I did not do so well behind the camera, and that really saddens me. Most of the pictures were blurred but I was able to salvage a few.

Opening ceremonies at the Rodeo are always so beautiful, so here is just a highlight of a couple of photos I took.

The Calf Scramble was the second event of the rodeo. I decided to put a white circle around Justin to make it easier to find him in the photos. His number on his shrt was 8 and the event was sponsored by Justin Boots and Mrs. Bairds so they gave each of them a T-shirt to wear during the competition.

Here is Justin filing in for the competition. There was about 16 kids and only 8 calves.

If you have a calf and you lose it, it becomes free game and anyone can grab it which is probably why everyone was running towards this calf.

Justin actually got ahold of a calf but someone ran into him and he lost his grip.

This one just got away. The idea is to grab a calf, put the rope halter on it, and drag it back to the square.

One last chance....
The agony of defeat. Although the evening wasn't a total loss, Justin won a new pair of Justin Ropers, a hat, and he got to keep his T-shirt.

Next year he plans on doing this again, but also wants to add San Antonio and Houston to his list of Calf Scramble events.
I will try to upload more pictures of the rodeo sometime soon.
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