Saturday, March 14, 2009

12 1/2 Pounds!!!

Did you ever wonder what 12 1/2 pounds of butter looks like?

This is right before I put it up into 1 pound packages

Here is the empty bowl and all of the butter ready to go into the freezer.

It is always a great thought to know that you can provide for your family without having to go to the store for every little item, but it sure is inconvenient when at the last minute you realize you have NO Butter and the only way to get some is -not by running to the store - but making it yourself. When something like this happens it doesn't make sense to make only 1 pound so I gathered up all of the cream jars and in about an hour I had a stash of butter -made from scratch. While this may not be the most convenient method it sure does taste better than anything I have found in a store!

One of these days when I have an extra pair of hands, I will get some pictures of the process from start to finish. Until next time.......
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