Wednesday, March 18, 2009

If You Can't Play With The Big Dogs, Then Stay On The Porch!

I guess my little 4 lb Yorkie thinks he is a big dog and doesn't need to stay on the porch.

Our very large Golden Retriever, Chip, has this little (to him) toy. It is made of solid rubber and when purchased it has a felt covering, but the first thing Chip does, is tear off the covering. I guess that is his version of unwrapping his present. Anyway, Chip loves to take his toy everywhere he goes but sometimes he puts it down then can't remember where he left it. This doesn't happen often but it does on occassion.

A couple of days ago when taking a walk, Chip must have left his toy down front and when the Yorkies and I took a walk this morning, Cooper found Chips toy. Of course, he was very proud of himself strutting up the driveway with that toy in his mouth. He wouldn't even let anyone get near him as long as he had it! LOL

This is Cooper with Chip's toy. It is almost as big as he is!

Cooper finally made it into the house with his new possession. He had backed himself all the way up to the loveseat because he was afraid I was taking it away from him.

I finally did take the toy away from Cooper and gave him a chew bone his own size. I'm not sure if he was just as happy, but I am sure Chip will be grateful that Cooper found his toy for him.

Have a great day!
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