Saturday, March 7, 2009

Signs of Spring

I was elated when I opened my front door to find that our peach tree had begun to blossom. I couldn't wait to go out and capture this moment. With all of the bees buzzing around, I decided it would be best to use my zoom lens. Once I had my lens set, I got some really pretty shots (at least I think so). Here are a few of my favorites, unedited, and shot in a manual mode!

1/1000 f5.6 ISO 800

1/1000 f.5.6 ISO 800

1/1000 f5.6 ISO 800

I spied a tree this morning with some beautiful white blossoms. I think I will try and get a few shots of those also. If I am lucky I might even get a few birds that have been singing that sweet spring song every morning. I am looking forward to scrapping these pictures.

Have a beautiful Saturday!

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