Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Acrylic Stamp Storage for under $4

For several years now I have kept all of my stamps stored in CD cases and alphabetized in wooden CD racks. This has worked very well for me, but the acrylic ones sometimes don't want to stick to the CD case and then when you pull it out to use it the little acrylic stamps fall out - sometimes never to be seen again.

After looking at many different variations of storage for my stamps, I have come to realize that the CD cases in the wooden racks work best for me, but I needed something for the acrylic stamps.

While browsing through the electronics isle I stumbled upon this idea that is working just perfect for me and maybe it will help you too.

I purchased plastic CD sleeves (50 for under$4!). The only draw back was that they came in colors instead of clear, but that is okay. I then cut up some clear transparencies(I had to dust them off they have been in storage so long) so that they would fit nicely inside the CD sleeve. I mounted my stamps onto the transparency and slipped it into the sleeve. I found that I could actually fit 2 sheets of stamps into one sleeve. I used a Bic Mark-it to label my CD sleeve and slipped it into the CD rack.

These stamps are from Inque Boutique and they are actually made of rubber. They do not have a cushion on them. but instead have a cling sheet on the backside so they mount like acrylic.

Here are the stamps inside of the CD case after it has been labeled.

And here it is fitting in nicely with the rest of the CD's.

Here are some acrylic stamps that I just recently added to my collection. These stamps come with a pre-printed backing so instead of throwing it away, I simply left the stamps mounted on the sheet then cut around some of the stamps so that they would fit nicely inside of the CD sleeve.

Here are the stamps after I cut them apart

I cut off the packaging label and glued it to the front of the sleeve.

And here it fitting neatly in with the rest of the CD's
I realize that this system may not be for everyone but it works for me. Maybe it will give you some new ideas on how to store your stamps. You can leave a comment and if you like, you can also leave a link to your stamp storage solutions.
Happy Stamping!
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