Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Digi Stamps?

So I have been introduced to a new kind of stamp. Did I ever think their would be a "new" kind of stamp? I remember being introduced to acrylic stamps and thought that was pretty cool, but what about a stamp that literally took up no storage room in my studio? Storage is always such a big problem so when I heard this, I wanted to find out more.

A Digi Stamp is a jpeg image that you can resize and print out on your paper then color in like you would any other open image rubberstamp. The only draw back is that you cannot emboss the image because the ink is dry when it comes out of the printer. On the plus side - you can make the image to fit just about any area you wish. Now that is a pretty cool deal. I know their have been many times when I wished my stamps were a different size for whatever reason. And..... with all of the "eco friendly" talk in the rubberstamp and scrapbooking world.... well, I have to say that this is pretty "eco friendly" wouldn't you? No wood, no rubber, no packaging....

So far I have found 2 sites that carry Digi Stamps. The Frugal Crafter and The Coconut Shack If you really love the digi stamps then you might want to check out The Frugal Crafter because she has a design team search going on right now.

I would love to hear about other Digi Stamp stores out there so if you know of one, leave a comment with a link. Of course, you can leave a comment even if you don't have a link to a store ;)

It is a very busy day here today so hopefully I will work on creating something with my new found digi stamps and I promise to show you how I store all of my acrylic stamps.

Happy Creating!!!
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