Friday, April 17, 2009

It all started in 1938

In 1938, two of my great-aunts heard about a church meeting that was taking place not too far from them in California. They decided to stop by and check it out but they were not prepared for what they would see. Being raised American Baptist they would get a whoopin' just for tapping their toes so when they arrived at the church meeting they just sat in the car for awhile. The music was going and the building had a porch on the front. Apparently the Holy Ghost was moving in that place because a woman who was "happy in the Lord" came dancing in the Spirit out onto that porch. My aunt Helen and aunt Ruby just laughed because they had not seen anything like that before - being raised American Baptist!

Curiosity got ahold of them and they decided to go on inside and God saved their souls that night. That is how Pentecost came into our family. I can't say that each and everyone of us since that time has lived a life pleasing to the Lord, but it seems that the fire that was started at that little church house in 1938 spread throughout our family and one by one, we grabbed ahold of what my two aunts found.
Aunt Helen has been with the Lord for 30 years; my grandma joined her almost 20 years ago; Aunt Edie has been gone for 8 1/2 years; and now my Aunt Ruby has been welcomed home by her family that has been waiting for her. She has also come face to face with the one that she has served for over 70 years - His name is Jesus.
To find out more about this Jesus that my family has served please visit our family website

1910 - 2009

My last visit with my aunt Ruby and Glenda (aunt Helen's daughter) 1-28-09

Please take a moment and listen to this song

Their truly is a Hello after Goodbye..... I'll see all of you soon!

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