Wednesday, May 27, 2009

A Bridge, A Strawberry, and A Storm

I really wanted to title this post "Storm at Strawberry Bridge". Doesn't that sound more dramatic? Even maybe the title to a novel? LOL Well, on with my update....

What is it about boys and bridges? Mickey and Justin thought this was just the coolest project. Okay - so I think it is pretty neat too :=) This is the area where the water rushes through and makes a creek when we get heavy rains. This is also the area that we must pass through in order to get to the barn to do chores twice a day. Justin dug out the "ditch" to hopefully channel the water a little better then they built this bridge out of old railroad ties that we had around here. Once the railroad ties were in place, our neighbors gave us some T1-11 to put over the top for the decking. Eventually we want to replace this with 2 x 4's but for right now this will work. The next thing we have to do is add a handrail to the sides which we will make out of cedar posts that match our cedar fences. Although this probably wouldn't pass any of the TxDOT codes, I think they did a fantastic job and it was all FREE! I like that!

About a month or so ago I planted a strawberry plant in a hanging basket. I absolutely love strawberries! I have never grown them before and although I don't think this one little plant is going to give me enough to make strawberry jam, it sure was nice seeing this first strawberry ripen. BTW - it was yummy too :=)

Then last night a huge storm was suppose to come through our area but it split and went north and south of us. I was able to capture this view of one of the clouds. It was reflecting the light from the setting sun. I thought it was just beautiful with all of the pinks, purples, and blues. It doesn't look very big here but this was actually just the tip of the storm.

So there you have it - the saga of "Storm at Strawberry Bridge". I hope you have a wonderful day!

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