Wednesday, May 20, 2009

A Painted Bunting

The most incredible looking bird has decided to make our front yard his home. I am told that this bird is called a "Painted Bunting". Talk about color - WOW! he has got it!

Another bird landed on the opposite side of the feeder and I believe this may have been his mate. She was kind of a pale yellow from what I could see. Maybe I can get a closer look since this fella doesn't seem to be to camera shy. I can't get really close but I am thinking that he is pretty used to have his photo taken because every time I walk outside with my camera he shows up! Talk about a ham....

Oh, and we have this beautiful blue bird nest. I had been wondering why the bluebirds kept sitting on my tomato trellis and then one day Mickey saw them fly into the house and that is when we discovered their nest.

I am needing to take my camera in for a good cleaning and general check-up and I am sure that is when the coolest birds will come by for a visit or these babies will hatch.

Until next time.....

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