Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Aggie Land

First of all - apparently one needs to be careful about what buttons she pushes otherwise all of her pictures could disappear off of her blog (insert red face here). Fortunately I am still in possession of my photos, they just don't appear on my blog. I doubt I will have time to restore ALL of them, so I am just going to go forward from here and learn from my mistakes.

Last week Justin competed in his first ever state 4-H round-up. He competed in the Educational Presentation category and his speech was called, Puttin' the Milk in the Pail. He did wonderful and got 11th out of 26 (experienced) participants. I told him that he did a wonderful job and that 11th place just meant that he got 2 first places (that's a mom's way of thinking, isn't it?)

So - I will leave you with some pictures of Aggie Land

The Football stadium - of course :=)

Justin's very first extension agent, Josh Brooks, presented him with his award

Justin with his online teacher from A&M

Justin was told that this room would be where he would spend the majority of his time when he entered Vet school.

Justin, inside of the school near the Admin. Offices

This is not your ordinary hay barn!

A semi truck is able to drive through this hallway to load and unload cattle

State of the art facilities!

This is known as the "Hall of Weird". Several showcases display oddities found in Texas. On the bottom left you can see a two headed calf and on the right is a deer with a large growth on its head. It is all kinda sad, but interesting at the same time.

As you can see, we deserve to be proud of our school - Texas A&M!!
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