Monday, June 29, 2009

Wild Woodlands

When you hear the name Tinkering Ink you know to expect bold designs with flair - the Wild Woodlands collection is no exception.

At first glance this collection takes your mind to those summer fields carpeted with wildflowers; birds singing in the summer sunshine; and fun outdoor activities. The Wild Woodlands complete collection consists of 12 double sided papers, one sheet custom die-cut tab and tags, alphabets and monograms, one sheet of coordinating cardstock glitter stickers, rub-on transfers and a package of Finery.

In my opinion, this is probably one of the most versatile collection that has been introduced by Tinkering Ink. The Squarefoot paper lends itself so easily to either a large frame or smaller frames found on the reverse side; Sprite is a whimsical design of intertwined swirls and flourishes that creates a large frame or several smaller ones found on the reverse side of the sheet; and the Dewberry & Amyris, with all of its flowers and swirls, could easily be hand cut apart for additional embellishments. Even the Glitter Stickers sheet provides you with plenty of versatility by adding greetings to a few of the stickers. This makes it so easy to complete a card in a matter of minutes!

While working on this review, my son came in and grabbed my camera and took off running out the door. When he and my husband came back in with the camera, they showed me these baby skunks that they had found. Luckily the momma was not around at the time of the pictures! I thought about Pepe Le Pew (the Looney Tunes character) and how he was always running around with flowers in his hand and so this page began to develop. I used the Iris paper and cut around part of the image so that it would overlap onto the pictures and then I added flowers from the Transfers sheet to the Iris’. I used the graduated circles from the Tab and Tag sheet for added embellishments and cut title from the Somerset sheet using my Wishblade.

Title: Double Trouble
Products used: Cardstock (Prism Prismatics, Orange)
Patterned Paper (Tinkering Ink Woodland Collection)
Die Cuts (Tinkering Ink Woodland Collection, Tab & Tag sheet)
Rub-ons (Tinkering Ink Woodland Collection, Transfers)
Black Pen (Micron)
Adhesive (Adhesive Tech, Permanent Bond Glue Runner)

I needed to make a quick card for a special person at our church. The Die Cut Monograms and Alphabet sheets would serve as the focal point on this card along with providing the appropriate message. Layered with a piece of the Fays paper and a border from the Glitter Sticker sheet my card was just about complete. I have always been a big fan of Tinkering Ink’s Finery and was anxious to use it. The square flower seemed to be the perfect embellishment needed to complete this card. From experience, I know that the Finery is always backed with a self-adhesive strip making this product very convenient to use. This time when I tried to take the felt embellishment off of the backing paper, the self-adhesive strip pulled away from the Finery. At first I thought it was something that I had done so I tried taking other pieces of the Finery off of the backing sheet and found that they were all like this. I was a little disappointed but I realized that Tinkering Ink has always provided me with a quality product and every once in a while, things will just happen. So, I added a glue dot to the back of the piece of Finery, adhered it my card, and I was happy with the end result.

Title: Thinkin’ of you
Products used: Cardstock (Prism Prismatics)
Patterned Paper (Tinkering Ink Woodland Collection)
Border (Tinkering Ink Woodland Collection, Glitter Stickers)
Monogram & Letters (Tinkering Ink Woodland Collection, Die Cut Monograms & Die Cut Alphabet sheets)
Felt Embellishment (Tinkering Ink Woodland Collection, Finery)
Ink (Ranger)
Pen (Micron)
Adhesive (Adhesive Tech, Permanent Bond Glue Runner)

Personally, I think Tinkering Ink just continues to get better with each new line and product that they introduce and the Wild Woodland collection is no exception!

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