Saturday, July 25, 2009

Wooden Letters

Wooden Letters – a sensible name for a sensible company!
The letters I received seem to be made from a soft pine and the edges and sides of each letter were sanded giving them a nice smooth surface to work on. The word I was given to work with was “Home” in the font “chalk”. The letters measured ½ inch in thickness and the capital letter measured 12 inches high with the lower case letters measuring about 8 inches. When put together, the word covers about an 18 inch span.
As I began my project I decided to start by applying a coat of white gesso to the letters. While doing this, I realized that once my project was finished I would have no way of hanging them on my wall. As I looked through the Wooden Letters website I found that they sell keyhole plates that can be attached to the backside of each letter and allow the letters to be hung flush against the wall.
Once my gesso was dry I painted the edges with a brown acrylic which would give a shadowing effect on my letters. I then chose four coordinating papers that matched the room that these letters would be displayed in, and attached the paper using Gel Medium. Once the paper was dry and secure, I cut away the excess paper using an X-acto knife and finished the edges with an emery board. At this point I stamped some flourish images onto the paper covered letters and embossed them with glitter embossing powder. I outlined each of the letters with a white pen and then attached the dimensional stickers to each letter.

Title: Home
Products used: Letters (Wooden Letters)
Patterned Paper (Paper Studio)
3-D Stickers (Paper Studio)
Gesso (Liquitex)
Acrylic Paint (Claudine Hellmuth)
Gel Medium (Claudine Hellmuth)
Embossing Glitter (PK Glitz)
Colorbox ink (Clearsnap)
Gel Pen (Inksenssials)

Now that my project is complete I have decided that I would like to mount the letters onto a wooden stand allowing the word to be displayed on a shelf. The thickness of the letters allow them to be very versatile in that they are not too bulky for a wall display yet they are sturdy enough to be mounted onto a stand.
I was very pleased with the quality of the Wooden Letters products and would highly recommend them!
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