Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Beep! Beep!

Remember the roadrunner cartoon character? Well, everytime we see a Chapparal Bird (commonly referred to as a Roadrunner) we say, "Roadrunner - beep, beep!"I know it is kind of silly but they are such funny birds.

On Monday morning, this guy decided to come up on the front porch and peek in the front door. When I grabbed my camera he jumped up on the railing and when I got even closer, he went running down the handrail. He did this several times and I am not really sure what he was looking for, but maybe he was seeing his reflection in the glass.

Either way, I thought this was a great close-up shot of this Chapparal Bird (aka Roadrunner) that is normally found running at high speeds along the sides of the road.
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