Monday, August 31, 2009

Frogs at Sunrise

The title sounds like some mystery novel or something doesn't it? LOL
This morning I was watching the sun rise behind the clouds and cedars and decided it would make a nice picture to put on my blog today. Now remember, it is still kinda dark in the house. I grabbed my camera and opened the door when I noticed something that looked like either an animal or a big clump of mud. I quickly closed the door (just in case it was an animal) and went to search for a flashlight. Of course, none could be found. By now it is getting a bit lighter in the house and I turned on the porch light only to discover that what I saw was gone! That pretty much ruled out the hunk of mud. About that time something jumped up on the storm door and scared the daylights out of me. I then realized it must be a frog, but how in the world did he get between the two doors?
I decided I did not want to take a chance on this fella coming in the house so I went out the laundry room door and opened the storm door and there he was. He would not move because I think he was as scared of me as I was of him trying to jump on me. I thought about getting down at eye level with this creature to take the picture but then the thought of him jumping at me when the flash went off made that thought quickly go away. I could only imagine me flying off the porch backwards with my Nikon in tow and a frog latched to the camera lens. How would I explain that one at the emergency room?
I quickly snapped this photo but now I think he was blinded by the flash because he still wasn't moving. I wasn't even sure if he was breathing at this point. I gave him a little nudge with my shoe and he went flying off of the porch.
By now the beautiful sunrise picture I had planned had disappeared so all I was left to share with you today was this picture...

And that is how the last day of August has started for me......
Disclaimer: No frogs were harmed in this photo shoot. I heard him croaking a little while after his famous leap off of the porch.
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