Sunday, August 16, 2009

My Mom

Judy (my mom) 1954 - 1994

Disease: Inflammatory Breast Cancer
Cause of death: Cancer treatment

It seems that cancer is everywher these days. It is a disease that doesn't care how old or how young you are; what your social status or race is... it just attacks you. If you survive you are left with scars, both physical and emotional - but most of the time the treatment will kill you in the end - at least that is what is has been in my family.
Three people who I love dearly have died of cancer, my grandfather, my mother, and my youngest son. My gandfather never sought treatment and died when he was 90 1/2 yrs old. My mother underwent two years of cancer treatment and in the end she died from a side effect from the treatment. My youngest son, Michael, died from a side effect of the treatment - not the cancer.
What is the answer?? I really don't know. One thing I can do for sure - make sure my salvation is secure in Jesus Christ so that one day my soul will live eternally in Heaven with my family and my Saviour without fear of death, disease, sickness.... because "everybody will be happy over there".

Love you mom!
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