Monday, August 24, 2009

Tragedy, 4-H Awards and CKC Tulsa

It was a fabulous weekend all around - well - almost. I left Thursday to work in the PK Glitz booth at CKC Tulsa but before I ever got out of town I was stuck behind a wreck. I saw this motorcycle enter the highway several miles back and when I saw him I thought to myself "I sure hope he is safe". He was not driving wreckless or anything like that and it was just "one of those things" that you think but now I wish I had really prayed for this man because within 10 - 15 minutes, his life would be over. As I sat on the highway only 2 or 3 car lengths from the wreck, I could see small vehicle parts laying on the road, and I couldn't help but know that it was the motorcycle driver I had seen entering the highway just a few miles back.

I made it to Tulsa later that evening and had a wonderful visit with the owners of PK Glitz and some of their extended relatives. The next morning CKC was in full swing - it seemed that we didn't stop for two days straight and by the end of the second day, we had sold out of all of our Glitter Glitz kits including the one on our sample board! I met many wonderful people and even one lady from Dixie Pieces (2inspire). It is always so much fun to meet poeple in person that you know on the scrapbooking boards.

Saturday evening I headed back home. Justin and Mickey would be going to the 4-H Awards Banquet and would be back home by the time I arrived. About an hour from the Texas border Justin called me to tell me about the banquet.

He recieved certificates for:
County, District, and State Educational Presentations
County and District Record Book
Certificate for Veterinary Science

The jacket is for the Letterman Award and the plaque is for the Farm Bureau Award

and then he also received the prestigious Farm Bureau Leadership Award and Letterman Award! Both of these awards are highly sought after and I can't tell you how proud I was of Justin. He has worked very hard during his 4-H career!
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