Wednesday, September 23, 2009

San Marcos with Friends

This past weekend Mickey and I had the chance to get aways for a weekend in San Marcos, Texas. I was to work the P K Glitz booth at the Creating Keepsakes Convention and the owners said that Mickey could be the cashier. All of this meant that we would have 4 days together - well, sort of.
Since Mickey has never actually "worked" one of these conventions, it was quite the eye opener for him and he had a really good time with all of the customers!
When the convention was over; the booth torn down; and merchandise packed in the PK Glitz van, we headed to New Braunfels to meet up with friends. We ate at a wonderful restaurant called "Mamacitas". If you are ever near San Marcos, you need to make sure you stop in for some fantastic mexican food!
I met Karen about a year ago, and she is just the sweetest lady. We need to keep in touch more than we do, but I was thrilled to at least spend a couple of hours with her.

Karen & myself
Have a wonderful day.....
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