Thursday, October 15, 2009


If you enjoy working with digital designs, I have two really cute kits from Cherpea Designs to share with you today. The first is a very fun and whimsical alpha a number set and the second is a collection of very nicely textures papers. (Pictures are linked to the store)

Here is a page I created using these two kits. But first, a little background about the photograph. Last week Justin spent four days at the barnyard zoo (you can see more about that on our farm blog). The majority of the young people there were using their phones for text messaging and Justin (being the non-techy boy that he is) didn't really "get" what they were doing. Anyway, after some discussion, he decided that he might like to join the "texting" crowd. We started him off with 200 messages per month and within the first 20 minutes, he had already used up 10 messages. We could easily see how this was going to add up so the next day Mickey got the whole family unlimited texting! He is such a sweet guy!

Cherpea Designs @ (Redonkulous; Take Note Alpha; La Serenissima; Template)Lisa Whitney @ (The Ultimate Stitches Vol.1 White)
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