Friday, April 23, 2010

Better Blogger Tips

Like that title? LOL

I recently wrote (or at least tried) a tutorial on how to create a thumbnail grid for your buttons. It was a little cumbersome for most and Michelle over The Scrap Shop has a much better - much simpler way of creating the same effect.

Click on the button above or click on this link to find out how to easily create a thumbnail grid of your buttons.

I recently talked with Stacy at It's Fun to Craft and she graciously showed me how to create a my Blog Button with Text code (like you see in the upper right hand column). Then the other day I saw that Carolyn at  Backyard Eden wrote a terrific tutorial that I thought you would all like to see. 

My Backyard Eden

Click on the button above for the complete tutorial or click this link

Happy Blogging!
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