Saturday, April 10, 2010

I Wonder if You Spent Easter the Way I Did?

As I have surfed the blogs over the last few days I have seen all of these happy little faces of children in the Easter outfits; family gatherings; and even a few egg hunts.

We don't have little one's in the house any more and while we had ever intention of attending Sunday morning service in our "Sunday morning best", our plans were diverted.

The title of this blog is "Life is Not Just Paper and Glue - it's a whole lot more" and I am here today to prove that!

We are housing 3 pregnant does for a family and the first one decided that Easter morning would be a good day to have those babies! So instead of getting all dressed up in our "Sunday best", we were in the barn, in our "everyday worst".

Here is Chloe with her 3 little kids - 2 bucks and 1 doe. I teasingly named them, Peter, Rabbit, and Bunny LOL

I posted a few pictures on our Gospel Witness Farms blog of the babies right after they were born if any of my crafty friends are brave enough to go take a look.
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