Wednesday, May 12, 2010

It's a Social Parade - Wednesday Link-up

Who does not love meeting new people and networking online! Here is some more information about this Parade:

Smart and Trendy Moms

This week is Google Friend Connect Round Up!!
It's a Social Parade - Wednesday Link-up is a weekly link-up hosted by Smart and Trendy Moms . We created it for socializing and to get new followers, fans, subscribers, readers without feeling overwhelmed. Every week will be a new link-up that will focus on one of the ways you connect with people through your blog! We will rotate through gaining followers, fans, Networked blogs and more. Link-up and focus on one thing at a time. Its about fun, one follower, fan and reader at a time!

And don't worry, you do not have to carry this button or any button of ours on your side bars. Your blog sidebars are great real estate and we respect that : ) The button needs to be posted in your participation post only.

So now if you have a Blog and want complete instructions on how to participate, you can visit Smart and Trendy Moms.

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