Tuesday, May 25, 2010

My Little Cupcake

Justin hasn’t “officially” graduated yet but he is getting very close and he is also getting very excited to be reaching the end of this milestone in his life. I, on the other hand, have different feelings about the whole thing, but at the same time I realize that even though I cannot change time, I can embrace the future with courage and a smile.

With all of that being said, our church had a special time for our graduates and they were able to bring pictures from throughout their years so I only brought 2 books while everyone else brought photos to lay out on the table. How is a scrapbooker suppose to only bring “a few” pictures! LOL


For whatever reason all of the little girls in the church just love Justin and here he is talking with one of them. I often wonder if he isn’t called to be a youth pastor because all of the younger children always seem to flock around him…..

I also decided to make a cupcake for each of the graduates. I used my large muffin tin to make these cupcakes so they were actually oversized. I think they turned out alright and they all loved them.

Graduation Cupcake

 Graduation Cupcakes

I guess I have a little more time to practice my graduation skills since the actual ceremony won’t take place until this fall. Until then, if you have some really cute graduation cake or cupcake ideas, please send them my way ☺ 

Thanks for stopping by!

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