Friday, May 28, 2010

White Butter?

Is their really such a thing as white butter? Yep – their certainly is!
We are all so used to the pretty yellow color of cow butter especially when it comes from a Jersey cow. But, did you know that you can also make butter from goat’s milk?
It is much harder to do since goat’s milk is naturally homogenized making it much better for us since it is more easily digestible and besides, in God’s Word He tells us that is what we should drink (Proverbs 27:27) Don’t get me wrong, I don’t think their is any sin in drinking cows milk, I just find this very interesting and besides, we have our own little Jersey cow.
Now that our short history lesson is done, we will get on with the show…
Since we already found out that goat’s milk is naturally homogenized that means the cream will not separate and rise to the top like it does with the cow milk so we have to run all of the goat’s milk through a cream separator. Once you have gathered all of the cream you are ready to make butter.

Jar It took approximately 6 gallons of goat’s milk to fill this half gallon jar
You will want the cream to set out and come to room temperature before starting. Once this is complete you can proceed one of two ways;
1. Hire your children to shake the jar until the cream makes butter (which will take anywhere from 15 – 30 minutes), or
2. You can pour it in your Kitchen-Aid or Bosch (like mine) and let the mixer do the work ☺
Bosch-1  Make sure you have a cover on your machine before turning on. Let it run until the cream thickens and then very quickly separates.
Bosch-2What you are now left with is butter that is sitting in whey or old fashioned buttermilk. This buttermilk is not cultured like you purchase in the store although you can still drink it or use it for cooking.
Strainer If I am going to keep the buttermilk I make sure I have a bowl sitting under my strainer before pouring the butter in. Once the majority of the whey is drained off of the butter then you can put the butter into a bowl, but keep the strainer handy.
Rinse-Milky Pour ice cold water onto the butter and begin working it with a butter paddle or a spatula. You are working the rest of the whey out of the butter. Dump the butter into the strainer and allow the excess to drain off then pour back into your bowl and repeat the process. You will do this about 10 –12 times until the water becomes “clear”.
Rinse-clear As you can see here, the water is much clearer than when we first started. At this point I will drain the water off one last time, the add a little salt before packing into containers.
butter I have always wanted one of those old fashioned butter molds, but we have found that the ziplock tubs work very well, and they will hold a pound of butter. As you can see, the butter is very white, the color of cream cheese. It is very hard for me to train my taste buds to realize that this is butter and not cream cheese. While my taste buds are saying “It’s butter”, my mind is saying “No, way! it’s cream cheese”. So that first bite is always very confusing. If this is just too much for you and your butter just “needs” to be yellow, you can always add a drop or two of food coloring to satisfy your mind and taste buds.

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