Tuesday, June 22, 2010

10 Tasks in 10 Days - Can you do it?

Gina at the Shabby Chic Cottage has issued a challenge starting today! List 10 things you want to accomplish over the next 10 days.

By listing the items I am hoping to feel accountable for them and will also have some moral support with other challenge participants.

Why don't you give it a try? We all have things we need to get accomplished during our busy summer days.

She also has a prize from Bomobob for one lucky person.

Here is my 10 Tasks in 10 Days List

1. Complete CW tutorial Completed and can be found at the Glitzy Girls Club 6/24
2. Clean Laundry/Mudroom floors Completed 6/30

3. Clean out Livestock medicine cabinet Completed 6/25
4. Sort through layouts and put into correct albums (this is a bigger job than some may realize lol) Completed 6/24
5. Get July Club Glitz ready for publishing Done with my part! Whew! Completed 7/1

6. Label photo storage boxes Completed 6/25
7. Make menu list for July Completed 6/26

8. Redo lamp Completed 6/28

9. Sort through school papers Completed 6/25

10. Deep clean my son's bathroom Completed 6/29

So there is my list, how about yours?
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