Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Custom Flip Flops and Tutorial

I have been looking and looking for a cute pair of flip flops but I am having a hard time paying $40 for a piece of shoe leather with a cute flower attached to it. After a day of looking through the shoe stores, I finally went to Walmart and purchased a couple pair of $2.50 flip flops. Nope – they were not cute, but I could envision how they could be with a little ingenuity and some craft supplies.
Flower-close-up Glitz-Flip-Flops
I started with a black pair of plain flip flops, some black felt ribbon, 4 sizes of flowers, a brad, and some P K Glitz products. I started by covering a white flower and a black flower with WonderFilm and then adding P K Glitz Glitter Glitz to give them sparkle. I then embossed the brad with EP Max to not only change the color but to give it some added sparkle and shine as well. I then used Sticky Tape and ran it down each side of the shoe and adhered the felt ribbon. I then used some Helmar Craft Glue to adhere the flower to the center of the flip flop. I now have a cute pair of black and white flip flops and I paid only a fraction of the cost!

I do realize that the flowers are made of paper and if gotten wet then they will probably fall apart, but…… here in Texas we don’t have to worry about too much rain in the summer time :) If you are worried about getting them wet, you could always use plastic or silk flowers.
Wanna see how I created them? Watch my videos.

If you decide to make your own custom flip flops, leave a link in the comments. I would love to see them!

ETA 9/10: The flowers on the flip flops have not fallen apart which has surprised me since I have been caught in the rain a couple of times this summer. In other words, the flowers held up fairly well - in fact, better than I had expected. Yeah!
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