Wednesday, June 30, 2010

I Am On Task For Completing My 10 Tasks

Since my son is going to be graduating this fall, and since he is homeschooled, he does not have a “Senior Book”. Instead, I will put together a book of his school years. This means going back through all of the albums that I have just “stuck” pages into and try to put some sort of order to it so I know what still needs to be done. After completing this task, I realized I still have A LOT to do!!

 DSC_0002  Here are the albums all piled in the bottom of the cabinet.

DSC_0004    Sorting the pages by year

DSC_0009   All of the books are once again tagged.

DSC_0011And now they are back in order and I can easily find the pages that I will need for my son’s graduation book.

Whew! Now I can mark this off my list!

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