Thursday, June 17, 2010

The Worm in a Bag and a Wildflower Journey

Yes, this will be a 2 part story, so pull up a chair and grab a glass of iced tea (or whatever you like) ☺

The first part is not very pretty and makes me really sad when I think about it. A couple of years ago I purchased seven Crepe Myrtle trees at Lowe's for an amazing low price - 75% off! Woo Hoo! I love Crepe Myrtles because they have some beautiful blooms on them and they do so well in our neck of the woods - or so I thought.

#1 and #2 - I noticed that our trees were starting to bud out but they weren't doing as well as they had in the past. Not that I have had all that much experience with them, but still.... something didn't seem right.

#3 - After close inspection, I noticed these little cocoons all over the tree. Then I checked the next tree, and the next, and the next, and they were all the same - covered in these little cocoons! We have tons of cedars which have rather large ones on them and when you have 14 acres of cedars (just on our place) it is hard to actually exterminate these little rascals. I quickly started scouring the internet to discover that it is not a common problem for Crepe Myrtles to have "Bagworms" but it not unheard of - especially when surrounded by cedars.

#4 - As you can see these little fellas must have pretty full bellies because they are eating huge holes in the leaves. We resorted to pesticides and have sprayed them down, along with all of the plants and flowers in the garden. I am hoping that this story will have a happy ending but I guess only time will tell.....

So what do you do after you discover such a tragic infestation? You take a walk....

I truly love our property and all of the little (pleasant) surprises I find along the way.

#5 and #6 - This little guy is always so cute when he is in the "budding stage".  When fully open he has a beautiful lavender color powder puff type bloom.

#7 - This one just made me laugh as it looks as if he is trying to tell me which way I should be heading. LOL Apparently his little petal had not fully curled back.

#8 - Of course, we always have to be cautious of these fellas because they love to hide in the grass and then jump out and get ya when you are walking by. This usually happens when you are busy looking at numbers 5, 6, and 7.

Have a beautiful summer day! What discoveries have you made around your place this week?

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