Monday, July 5, 2010

It’s A Muddy Mess

Our laundry room aka “The Mud Room” takes its name seriously. When you live in the country, I am convinced that a person will always have mud. I prefer to have the mud remain in the Laundry / Mud Room. Our Golden Retriever, Chip, is seriously scared of rain or any type of storm so he makes his bed in this room as well, bringing in more mud. When I first added the task of cleaning the this room’s floor, we had not had any significant rain in quite some time, so the mess was not all that intensive. Normally the job of cleaning this room is left to my son but we have been running like crazy and it has gotten overlooked.
Over the last several days we have gotten some much needed rain. While I am very thankful for the rain, it has brought more mud and more mess. To get this job done in the the most efficient way possible, I got out my shampooer and went to work. Once I finished with the shampooer I finished up with a my Swiffer wet mop and used a brush and towels for the corners. It still isn’t perfect, but it is much better than it was before!
Another task complete!
I really want to concentrate on “fixing up” my laundry room so that it has less of a “mud room” look to it. I have some ideas and plans but I want to keep it to at least an under $100 project. I would love it if I could keep it under $50. You will probably be seeing more of this room in the near future if I can find the needed materials for the redecorating. Remember this little sign I made for the room?

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