Monday, August 23, 2010

Do You Know Melissa from Frugal Creativity?

I met this lady earlier this year (not in real life, just in blogland) and she is a genuinely sweet lady. Please take time to get to know Melissa from Frugal Creativity; you will be glad you did.


Hi! Thanks, Tammy, for allowing me to guest post here today! My name is Melissa, and you can usually find me blogging at Frugal Creativity. (Check out the cute button that Tammy crafted for me!)

Frugal Creativity button
I've been blogging since April 2009. Although I started as a frugal blogger, my focus has changed over time. Now I describe my blog as "Family, Faith, Food, and Frugality." My family is my wonderful husband and our amazing almost-13-year-old son, who likes to be called Mooseman. Together we like gardening, board games, and day trips.
Moravian Tile Works exterior
Since last year I have been dealing with some health issues, and God has used that to draw me closer to Him.  It's been a time of spiritual growth, and I share on my blog some of what I've learned.  One of my favorite posts is Revisiting Nineveh: Comfort or Courage?

Image credit (Jonah): Christian Clipart

My recipes range from family favorite dinners to desserts, with a strong emphasis on chocolate!  Recently I've been craving (and posting about) the combination of chocolate and peanut butter, like these Peanut Butter Filled Brownies:

chocolate peanut butter brownies
I've also been looking for new ways to use sourdough starter, so I've been baking Sourdough Banana Bread and Sourdough Coffee Cake.
sourdough coffee cake
Like faith, our frugality is woven into everything we do. So while I'm generally not posting deals or freebies, I think you'll find that most of what I share fits into a frugal lifestyle. Thanks for reading, and I invite you to stop by and visit me at Frugal Creativity anytime!


Thank you so much for dropping and visiting with me today. I really enjoyed our time her. Make sure you stop in at Frugal Creativity and say “Hi!”.

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