Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Farm to Market

Liz (aka Cupcake Lady) is having a Cupcake Challenge over at Hoosier Homemade.
The theme is Summertime Fun. Since we usually don’t go anywhere in the summertime, I thought it would be fun to feature something that we do everyday here on our farm – gather eggs.
DSC_0005  We have had many people think we were trying to play a trick on them when we told them we had chickens that laid green and blue eggs. When we would take them the fresh eggs, they would be amazed! Ameraucana chickens, also referred to as the Easter Egg Chicken, lays eggs in colors ranging from blue to green and sometimes even pink to tan.

Other sites on our farm are the pigs. If you have not ever been around them, I have to tell you that they are hilarious and so much fun to watch. Yes, when they grow up, they do get a little stinky, but they normally don’t stay around too long once that starts happening…
My husband wanted a pig feeder for his birthday so I created these cute pig cupcakes for him.
Everyone loved them and thought they were so adorable.
Our little farm continually inspires me in so many creative ways. If you would like to se more of our farm, please visit our family blog at Gospel Witness Farm.
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