Monday, August 2, 2010

Holly from 504 Main is Visiting!

I am so thrilled to have Holly join me today. She is one of the sweetest gals out there in blogland, and if you are looking for talent, well, this gal has it!

Hey there!

I am so very tickled to be here at Not Just Paper and Glue as she settles into her new home!!! Tammy never fails to inspire me with her creative talents...and she uses so much glitter...I love sparkles!

So, who the heck are you talking to...I am Holly, and 504 Main is my home away from home where I entertain, cook, create. I have a vintagey, beat up, discarded, slightly French, yet totally American aesthetic {confused? Me too sometimes!}. I like what I like! I LOVE repurposed crafting and creating. I prefer to use unusual materials to create beautiful projects, like my screen wreath,

or my biscuit table.

The crazier, the more unexpected, the older, the odder, the more beat up something is, the more likely I am to be inspired by it.

In a life long ago I was a fashion designer so I broke out my old sketches and glittered them up with some P.K. Glitz glitter...and I love them!

I also like to express my creativity in my cooking and baking...

Chocolate Chip Bacon Cookies anyone????

A Big THANK YOU to Tammy for having me today!

Come on by and say "Hi" at 504 Main.

Thank you Holly, for stopping by and visiting me today. I really enjoyed it!

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