Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Iwants vs. Grumpies

I have purchased magazine holders in the past only to quickly tire of them and put them in a garage sale or ship to Goodwill.
Yeah, I’m that person that gets rid of really cool things so all you creative gals can pick it up for pennies and turn it into something really awesome. Then I spend the next week kicking myself for ever getting rid of it because I saw “you” create something really neat from what I thought was junk!

So, anyway, the family and I are walking around IKEA and I came down with a bad case of the “Iwants”. You know - “I want this; I want that; I want….” Or at least that is what my family was telling me.
While walking around, I saw the most adorable magazine files – 2 for $3.99 – what a bargain! Unfortunately I noticed that my husband had come down with a severe case of the the “grumpies” which meant every time my “Iwants” flared up, he blurted out “NO!” – and would then begin to mumble something about buying stuff just so I could turn around and sell it in a yard sale…..
We were just about ready to leave when I noticed this bin of pure white magazine files – 5 for $1.99! My creative side burst into overtime and I just new that I could really create something if only….., oh yeah, almost forgot, my husband still had a severe case of the “grumpies”.
I’m not sure if it was because the checkout was in view, or the fact that he could see me gazing in the bin that housed this sea of pure white magazine holders with a big sign above it that said “$1.99 – 5 pack”, but his “grumpies” seemed to disappear as quickly as they came, and that is when he told me to get 2 packages.
Sheer Delight! I began dreaming of how I would turn these frugal finds into something fabulous…..

I used the same Rust-oleum Spray Paint in Warm Yellow, Green Apple, and Sweet Pea and Krylon Totally Tangerine that I did with my Hanging File Folders. The Rust-oleum gave a better coverage for this project, but Krylon was the only brand that had the tangerine color that I liked.
I laid each of the files down outside on a protected surface and sprayed each side, making sure I also covered most of the inside as well.
Here I have two different files spray painted with Totally Tangerine and one with Green Apple.
Once the spray paint was dry, I cut some coordinating scrapbook papers and adhered the strips to the ends of the files.
I then used my Silhouette to cut out the titles for each.
Magazine-Holders-1 Magazine-Holders-2    
Aren’t they so cute all lined up?
And just so you don’t think that my husband gets a case of the “grumpies” all of the time when we are at IKEA; my magazine files that got a beautiful makeover sit on the bottom shelf of a bookcase that my husband bought for me at IKEA.

Has anyone in your family ever come down with the
“Iwants” or “grumpies” ?

See how Mrs. P. adapted this idea for her classroom

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