Thursday, August 26, 2010

Life is Just Peachy!

Our little peach tree had a really rough start; the first day of spring we got a very unusual snowfall which covered our beautiful pink blooms in a blanket of white. By the following day, the sun was shining and all of the snow had melted. The big question on our minds was, “would we get peaches this year?”

The answer was “Yes”. The peach tree was here when we moved in so I am not really sure how this tree came into existence but it is my guess that it is a wild tree; meaning no one really planted it, it just showed up. The peaches are always pretty small and the flesh of the peach clings to the pit. The plus side to these peaches is that they are sugary sweet!

Since I couldn’t get peach slices from this crop, I decided to just do what I could to get the flesh off of the peaches. When I blanched them, it made the peach very soft (no matter what I did) so I ended up with more of a peach “mush” than anything. I know, it looks like something really bad happened in my kitchen, but trust me, this bowl of “peach mush” was so delicious!

Once I was finished I decided to bag it all up into freezer bags and wait until the weather was cooler to do something with my harvest. It has been 100+ everyday for several weeks so canning at this time of the year is not an option. When the weather cools I am thinking of making peach marmalade. Sound yummy?

Do you have any other suggestions of what I could make from my peach mush?

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