Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Sew? Do You Sew?

Sometime back I told you that I was going to start doing a makeover on my laundry / mudroom.

I have finally started… one piece at a time though ;)

Until now, my the door to the laundry / mudroom has been without a curtain. This may not seem like a very big deal but the morning sun in the summer is quite hot and really heats up that room. We try to always keep the door closed, but the heat is still very prevalent in there.

I want to go with some soft colors and I have been loving the look of burlap I have been seeing around blogland.

With those thoughts in mind I purchased some fat quarters of an aqua print and a couple of yards of burlap.

How hard could making these curtains really be? After all, we are only talking about two rectangles with a pocket for a rod at the top, right? Shouldn’t take more than 30 minutes; an hour tops!

My husband suggested that I call a friend to help me and I am so glad that I did. My 30 minute project turned into a 6 hour job – and a lot more detailed than what I had originally intended.


Because it would be a door that is used frequently, we decided to put a rod at the top and the bottom and used the aqua print as an accent piece and also the pocket for the rods to go through.

I will admit, I do not sew and I did more watching than anything. I did get out the ironing board and iron for my friend so she could press the material. At that point I felt like maybe I was beginning to share in some of the experience of making my curtains? Just a little?

Anyway, the curtains were finally finished and I was more than pleased with the end results. My friend left me to make my own tiebacks which I was more than willing to do. And I did it too!

DSC_0009I made the little flowers from extra material  and used a hot glue gun to put them on the tie backs. Did you really think I was going to say that I sewed them on? LOL

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