Thursday, September 23, 2010

Be a Part of the Glee Club!


What: The Dixie Pieces Glee Club!
When: First challenge will go live on September 18th!
Where: On the Dixie Pieces forums of course!
How: Let me tell you!

There will be a new challenge issued every Saturday starting on September 18th. You will have till the following Friday night to complete the challenge, post it in the gallery and link it to the forum thread. The challenges will be based on genres of music and will be fun, fun, fun! There will be no one voted off and everyone will be eligible to win prizes!

Prizes -- oh, fabulous prizes! We have some fabulous prizes for you! We will have pictures soon, but for now let me give you a partial list of our sponsors: Maya Road, Jillibean Soup, Reminisce, Imaginisce, Maya Road, P K Glitz, Piggy Tales, Teresa Collins, and Scrappin Sports!

  • Grand Prize will be valued at over $300!
  • Random Prize will be valued at over $150!
  • Inspiration Prize will be a kit of choice from the store valued at $28!

Let me explain how you win:

  • The Grand Prize will be awarded to the artist who accumulates the most points
  • The Random Prize will be drawn randomly (of course!) from all participants. How many times your name goes in the random drawing will depend on how many points you accumulated. If you accumulate 100 points, then you will have 100 entries into the random drawing. If you have 10 points, then you will receive 10 entries.
  • The Inspiration Prize will be given to the artist who is most active in the forums and the gallery -- keeps the spirit of the contest alive! This will be voted on by the the design team and Sherry & Brenna!


  • Each time you complete a challenge by the weekly deadline you will receive 5 points. If you complete the challenge but miss the deadline, you will receive 2 points.
  • Each challenge will have 5 secret items. You will not know what these are. They will be posted after the deadline. For every item that appears on your layout, you will receive 1 point. These points will only be awarded to those that meet the challenge deadline. Examples would be: 3 photos, flowers, stitching, the color orange etc.
  • During the week, there will be additional chances to accumulate points. There will be games, mini-challenges, and all sorts of ways to add to your point total. Plan on checking in every day to check for point opportunities!
  • After every challenge, the Design Team member who issued the challenge will choose the layout(s) that best represents their challenge and the spirit of the contest and they will receive an additional 5 points!
  • At the end of the contest -- if you have completed all 6 challenges you will receive a bonus of 20 points! These will be awarded regardless of whether you met the weekly deadlines - the only requirement for these points is that you have them all done by the end of the contest.

Points will be tracked in a spreadsheet by Kim - the DT Coordinator. The goal is to post the previous weeks points every Monday. You may track your own points and then compare as we go. The main spreadsheet will not be posted. Please check your points by the following Wednesday and let me know if there are any discrepancies. I will gladly be corrected! However, once the next week's challenge is complete, I will not be able to change anyone's points.

The last challenge will be due October 29th and the winners will be announced by November 7th!

Are you ready to join the Glee Club?

If so, sign up in the Dixie Pieces forum

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