Wednesday, September 22, 2010

A Day Amongst the Flowers

I don’t have a green thumb so whatever we grow around here needs to be native to Texas and very hardy in order to survive around our little farm.

If you have a hard time growing things, see what is growing along the highways and out in open land. Those are the plants that will normally tolerate your weather conditions and give you beautiful blooms with minimal maintenance.

Crepe Myrtle buds on a tree in our backyard

Crepe Myrtle buds on the bushes around front

I am completely convinced that a Rock Rose bush is nothing more than a glorified weed. These bushes are very prolific and they will grow anywhere under just about any circumstances. I even cut one back in the middle of July and it flourished. I have also pulled new starts out of the ground – just pulled, not dug up – then poked a hole in the ground and they are flourishing.

Hummingbirds, butterflies, and bumble bees love this flowering bush known as a Rock Rose. Here in the south, this lovely bush will continue to bloom up until December which provides lovely color for a long period of time.

Do you plant flowers that are native to your area or does it matter to you?
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