Sunday, September 19, 2010

Gel – It’s Not Just For Your Hair!

I have been asked many times

  • What is “Gel Medium”
  • Why do you use it?
  • Is it the same as Modge?

Today I am gong to either clear things up, or muddy the waters further. My intentions are to clear things up and then let you decide which product you want to use on your projects.

I will first like to tell you that this may seem a little one side and you are right. I used Modge Podge back in the 70’s and have used it a few times in recent years, but that is all.

Modge Podge was brought on the market in the 60’s and quickly grew to be a staple product in the crafters home. It is an all in one glue and sealer. It can adhere paper, fabric and other porous materials to almost any surface and it dries clear. It provides a smooth, durable finish and it is fast drying. If you have small children it may be good to know that Modge Podge is non toxic and cleans up with just soap and water.

Since it’s debut in the 60’s Modge Podge has come a long way and has developed 12 different formulas to work on all of your different projects.

  • Classic Mod Podge
    The original Mod Podge formula that’s a glue, sealer and finish all in one!
  • Hardcoat Mod Podge
    New!The ultimate durable finish!
  • Satin Finish Mod Podge
    New!The same great performance and versatility of original Mod Podge in a Satin finish.
  • Brushstroke Mod Podge
    New! Enhance projects with a textured finish!
  • Fabric Mod Podge
    Embellish wearables, linens and home décor like never before!
  • Paper Mod Podge
    An acid-free formula that is friendly to paper crafting!
  • Outdoor Mod Podge
    Protect your projects from moisture and other outdoor elements with Outdoor Mod Podge.
  • Sparkle Mod Podge , Puzzle Saver Mod Podge, Modge Podge Glitter, Modge Podge Shimmer, Glow-in-the-Dark Mod Podge,

My experience is only with the original Modge Podge and Modge Podge Satin. Neither of these products are acid free which is a concern to me and both leave a sticky residue, especially when it is humid. I have researched this and if you want to remove the “sticky” or “tackiness” then a use a spray fixative either in matte or gloss and let it dry for about 24 hours and that should do it.

Now let’s move on to Gels, which is what you all want to know about anyway, right?

What is a Gel?

Gels are like a colorless paint and are composed of 100% acrylic polymers.

  • They make great adhesives
  • are UV resistant
  • very flexible
  • non yellowing
  • have long term durability
  • are permanent
  • are water resistant

Gels range in consistency from pourable to moldable and vary from sheen to transparent. Some specialty gels also contain pumice, glass or acrylic granules that impart unique reflective, rough or absorbent surface qualities which can provide a lot of interest to your project.

While recording this video I experience many “technical difficulties” and so I just finally gave up and published it anyway. Please forgive that irritating background noise that appears half way through and anything else I may have overlooked.

So, did I clear things up or muddy the waters for you?

I really hope I cleared things up for ya!

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