Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Ritzy Ditzy Glitz

Ritzy Ditzy Glitz from P K Glitz  is more than a cute name. It is an alcohol based spray mist that adds shimmer and color to your paper or fabric.

For the blue flower card, I spritzed some white paper flowers with Gold to color them the beautiful yellow color that you see. I also spritzed some white fabric with sapphire and once it was dry, I tore the fabric into strips to make my ribbon and flower center.
Blue-Flower DSC_0084

This is a quick and easy technique to add shimmer to any card or project. I used the Holiday Star Silhouette as a template on white cardstock and spritzed the Ritzy Ditzy Glitz with Turquoise, Sapphire, and Gold. Once they was dry (a few seconds) I cut each of them out and tied a bow with jute that I had spritzed with gold.

Ornaments DSC_0072

Tulle adds such a soft touch especially when used with flowers. I spritzed the tulle with Garnet, let dry, then used it to make my flower. For the background I laid a piece of lace on my cardstock then spritzed Turquoise and Garnet onto the background to create the shimmer background. Pink-FlowerDSC_0077

I used the same technique for the background of this card only I used a template instead of lace. I then embossed a pattern onto some cardstock then spritzed with Garnet and Sapphire and created a Ritzy Ditzy Glitz Resist. 

 Soft-Flowers-card Soft-Flowers

Would you like to see a tutorial on how to

create these techniques?

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